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Personal Information:


Birthdate:               February 14, 1974

Place of Birth:        Parma, Italy

Citizenship:            Italian

Marital Status:       Single


Current Position, Qualifications and Affiliations:


Professor of Economics, Sapienza Università di Roma

Adjunct Professor of Macroeconomics, LUISS Guido Carli
Head of Monetary Policy Unit
, Arcelli Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CASMeF)

Qualification (ASN) to Full Professorship of Economic Policy

Research Fellow:
                                        Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN)

                                        LUISS Lab of European Economics (LLEE)

                                        Center for Labor and Economic Growth (CeLEG)
Member of:
                                        European Economic Association

                                        American Economic Association

                                        Royal Economic Society
                                        Società Italiana degli Economisti




Ph.D. in Economics, Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"

M.Sc. in Economics, Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"

B.A. in Economics (Laurea Summa cum Laude), LUISS Guido Carli


Visiting Positions:


Research Scholar, New York University, USA, 2009

Research Scholar, New York University, USA, 2006

Visiting Scholar, Warwick Business School, UK, 2002

Visiting Student, University of Exeter, UK, 1996-1997


Main Research Interests:


Dynamic Macroeconomics

Monetary Economics and Policy

International Finance and Macroeconomics


Full CV (pdf)